Again and Again refers to the repeated cycles happening all around us, from tectonic shifts and volcanic activity to the devastating forest fires and the slow new growth that follows. In one sense, the phrase implies a form of persistence or survival. In another, the repetition can articulate a failure to change course.

This work started from a very physical inclination, a need for the relationship between the materials to be reactive, immediate, and tactile. In this way, the images emerged from a sort of rummaging in dark inky terrain and feeling my way through. I can hold a rock in my hand and hold both a place and a moment in time. I wanted these drawings to feel that way – for the paper to soak up a pigment, an action and a fraction of time, and hold it.

The drawings suggest a geologic span of time and offer a nearly cross-sectional view of the landscape – tendencies that complicate a sense of vantage point and question the expectation of a human perspective. References to the sublime, geologic stratification, and global climate change collide in fractured imaginary landscapes. The drawings evolve through a process of adaptation, as each layer of ink, water, and salt add and subtract moisture from the surface. Visual layers repeatedly build up and break down, offering evidence of both immediate and gradual change.